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Glanz The Studio - Known for Best Makeup Artist in Melbourne Region!

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Geet Bal

Hair And Makeup Artist


Best Artists for Engagement makeup

Glanz -The Studio is team of qualified talented bridal makeup artists and wedding makeup artist in Melbourne Australia. Geet bal is the best freelance / mobile bridal wedding artist who is a specialist for Indian and Pakistani bridal wedding makeup in Melbourne Australia.

Make Your Wedding Moment Memorable by Our Makeup Artists:

Our Wedding makeup artists make every moment special for a young bride. We employ various makeup methods to rejuvenate a bride to look special. Our methods range from face cleansing to face fix up – then through various other processes brides get the final desired look.

Why Brides need Bridal Makeup Artist :

Brides need makeup artist to present their beautiful looks on the auspicious occasion of wedding. For this Geet Bal is a perfect person. Owner of Glanz studio is a talented bridal makeup artist based in Melbourne travel to various destinations across Australia for makeup assignments. The team that works with Geet Bal includes various talented and dedicated persona is highly specialized in their work.

Why choose Glanz for Best freelance bridal makeup

All members at Glanz –The Studio work as a unit to give young brides their gleaming looks. Our dedicated persona offer varied range of traditional dresses to the brides – dresses tailored at various locations in India and Pakistan and then imported here. We tailor out dresses here in Melbourne also. We are the cheap and best freelance bridal makeup artist who employs various methods and processes that suits all.

How to find Best Freelance bridal makeup artist in Melbourne

We as Best freelance bridal makeup artist in Melbourne are easy to locate. We are on Google and various other important search engines. Type the keyword in the search bar and press enter. We are located in 2nd position on the first page that shows.

Knots, Buns Updos for every Bride

Indian and Pakistani brides love to get their hair styled in various formations. There could be different styles for different hair depending upon their sizes. We are the leading wedding hair stylists in Melbourne . we perform Knots, Buns updos for every Bride.

Our Locations:

Apart from working in Melbourne in Australia,  our freelance bridal makeup artists even operate from India covering the cities of  Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Mohali, Jalandhar


We Believe that Customer should be satisfied in all aspects because stratified customer is a pillar for every business.


it’s better to choose us as we apart from bridal makeup’s offers various other packages to customers of all ages.